Changing a Candian Icon
Roll Up to Win

Client: Tim Hortons
Agency: 500 degrees

How do you change over 30 years of equity in design and communication. How do you challenge the biggest contest in Canada for over 30 consecutive years. These were the challenges the client presented us with. 

It actually started back in 2020 when Roll Up the Rim to Win was going fully digital for the first time ever.

It was a hybrid model where the first 2 weeks the contest would use cups and the last 2 weeks the contest would play thorugh the app.

But then the pandemic hit and Tim Hortons was forced to move the entire program to only digital. It was the safe response Canadians were expecting from Tims.

2021 comes around and Roll Up the Rim to Win is going fully digital.

We were tasked with changing the logo, the overall image, while still maintaining the equity the program had built for such a long time.

Logo Historical

Changing the name

The first challenge was changing the name. People won’t be rolling the rim anymore so it made sense to remove “the rim” from the program name. It was now called RRRoll Up To Win. 
We couldn’t scrap the whole name even if there wasn’t really anything phisical to roll up as the program carries too much recognition in Canada. It is also a registered trademark.

Given the new design direction from Tims Global, we followed a simplified approach to the logo. 

We moved the arrow to point towards the name of the promo instead of the rim of the cup.

We also captured new food photography to include the new items that offer “Rolls”