The retail landscape has changed rapidly within the last few years. Ford wanted to reach out to their longest tenured partners, their dealer network, to set them up for success to deal win the customer of the future, today.
The Ford Guest Experience is an integrated approach to Dealer Training, Store Culture, and Reward and Recognition that enables Ford’s retail network with the capabilities required to continuously exceed the ever-evolving guest expectations.
To support this initiative we created an entire new brand within Ford with positioning, tone, and visual guidelines, as well as communications campaign to get dealers to join the movement and participate.


Lead. Today. is the tagline and call to action. Lead: Literally means be a route or means of access to a particular place or direction. Today: Literally means this present day. It evokes urgency and “the time is now” sentiment.

With our tagline in mind we wanted to align the brand to what it means to think about the future today, while still fitting within the overall Ford Master Brand.



Based on the brand positioning of “Lead. Today.” We reached out to dealers with the intent of making them excited and create anticipation of the FGE program.


The ‘Anthem’ is Ford’s first ever video directly recognizing dealership’s important role throughout history. Without dealers there would not be Ford, and without dealers Ford wouldn’t be able to continue being one of the most successful car companies in the world. This film is the first asset dealers watch at the beginning of the event.




︎ 4.8/5 dealer satisfaction

︎Additional 24 events

One of the main KPI’s of the program was dealer satisfaction, as this indicates the level of involvement and willingness to adopt the program.
FGE as a whole has consistently scored 4.8/5 based on survey metrics.

Additionally we were tasked with engaging dealers for 12 immersion event waves, the program has been so successful that it has been expanded to 24 more events