Market 32

Branding, Store Design, and Marketing Campaigns

Price Chopper US was looking to refresh their look to appeal to a younger audience that cares about quality over quantity.

Established in 1932 as a family oriented grocer, Price Chopper already had the story consumers wanted to hear, we’re a family business, we care about family values, and we have the expertise. So the name Market 32 came to life to show consumers the ‘32 Reasons’ why Market 32 cares. 

The store design concept was focused on ensuring that Market 32’s proposition be clearly communicated to shoppers throughout the store, from its external appearance to in-store merchandising, and even the uniforms worn by sales associates.

What was unique about this process was Price Chopper’s comprehensive rebranding of its new stores, which not only encompassed a whole new look and feel but a new brand name for new and returning shoppers to experience. The re-branding also needed to ensure that elements common to both new build stores and existing stores were able to integrate with the brand proposition of each.