McDonald's digital drive-thru menu board

Client: McDonald’s Canada
Agency: Watt International
Layout/Art Direction

Objective: Change Drive-Thru menu boards to digital screens, and lift sales by 4 points.

We took a strategic approach to designing the Digital Drive-Thru. Within 15 seconds McDonald’s wanted customers to try new things, while still offering the tried and true classics.

First, Update Presell Screens.

Presell screens are located before the menu and are meant to create appetite to drive the purchase of new products. Single offerings, close-up food shots, and relevant copy.

Some offerings are shown using subtle animation, enhancing appetite appeal.


Second. New Digital Drive-Thru menu boards.

The digital menu boards aim to prompt the customer to purchase certain items, while offering enough information to easily find common items. 

Here are some photos taken at the Drive-Thru once it was implemented.

The result: After beta testing the screens in 3 locations, McDonald’s decided to roll them out to the rest of Canada as it lifted sales by 6 points, customer’s orders increased in total order value, and ordering time improved by 15%