PICS Packaging

Client: Price Chopper / Market 32
Agency: Watt International
Packaging / Illustration / Art Direction

PICS - Icelandic Yogurt
One of the biggest challenges with PICS has always been its wide variety of products. I was challenged with introducing Icelandic Yogurt to the consumer, while following PICS’s brand guidelines. As this is a small container, going for a clean and minimal density of information was crucial. Single images were shot for each flavour, to make it instantly recognizable in the aisle.

PICS - Fruit Snacks
This is where PICS has allowed for some rule-bending. When it comes to speaking to smaller children the brand allows for more colourful and playful packaging. I created these custom illustrations for each Fruit Snacks Package to make the product more fun and appealing to kids.

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Senior Art Director

Senior Designer

Art Director

500º Design Studio

Watt International

Sixsense Creative

National Print of Colombia