Pics private label design

In support of the brand positioning work with Price Chopper and its evolution to Market 32, there was an opportunity to redefine their private label strategy and brand offering to better support this new direction.

A key objective was to change shopper perceptions of the private label offering by strengthening its value proposition and building uniqueness and differentiation across the entire product line. Focusing on the mid-tier, the main emphasis was on establishing it as the flagship destination brand for the store banner.

We developed the name, logo and identity system for this new mid-tier flagship private label brand. PICS represents a food brand that is committed to bringing great quality products, hand-picked for shoppers, that deliver exceptional value.

An iconic seal of guarantee was designed to inspire trust and build confidence in the brand as a smart choice for families on a budget. A packaging design system was developed to reinforce appetite appeal using proprietary photography and packaging graphics that convey a strong image of being ‘healthy’, ‘fresh’, ‘appetizing’ and ‘down to earth’.

These associations strongly align with the banner brand platform and personality.

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