Tim Hortons Superstar Collectable Sticks

Tim Hortons wanted to create a series of 6 collectable hockey lockers, with mini replicas of 6 famous hockey players hockey sticks.

I designed the lockers, packaging and the in-store promotional material. We also created custom made lockers for the presenters of The Ray and Dregs podcast creating a lot of hype for hardcore fans.

These were the original suggested designs. The idea was to use each of the team’s colours to create differentiation between the lockers while making them easy to recognize

Hero Lockers.

We decided to move forward with aligning the aesthetics of the locker with each team’s uniform and their unique set of stripes. We kept a consisten look across all of the lockers, while still making each individual product unique.

Hero Packaging

In-Store promotional material

The Ray and Dregs podcast

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